Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Term Limits: Opposed by the People in Power Since ... Um ... Ever

In the Sunday, May 17, edition of the Columbian, editorial hack John Laird joined in the dogpile of attacks on a few of our more vocal citizens -- and managed at the same time to shit all over anyone else who dares to oppose the status quo. He, Thomas Koenninger, and the Mayor himself have been playing bait-and-ignore with fringe ringleaders Larry Patella, Debbie Peterson, and Stephanie Turlay.

Yes, this band of critics gets annoying. Patella confuses personal interest for public opinion, Ms. Turlay thinks it's fine to slander others but gets upset when it happens to her, and Ms. Peterson--well, Ms. Peterson's got a serious case of crazy-eye. And, while they don't represent a wise swath of the community, they are, nonetheless, citizens. As our Mayor, Royce Pollard shouldn't bow to their whims, but his casual dismissal of them shows better than anything else how much we need a change in leadership. And the Columbian, as what passes as the paper of record, shows its own hand and total lack of leadership by taking the fight down to the lowest possible level.

Low-level, caustic attacks have no place in a "news"paper that is fighting to survive as our region's only daily. If you're the paper of record, then fucking act like it. Loose language, insults, cursing and one-sided remarks are the province of blogs like this one, not institutions that claim to practice real journalism.

But I digress.

It isn’t just, as Mr. Laird so politely puts it, circus freaks who support term limits for city positions. There are also quite a few of us who are invested in creating a local government that doesn’t resort to cronyism and bullying to maintain the status quo.

Term limits, executed by those who seek to actually serve the public instead of their own egos, foster a different kind of government – one that we need in order for our city to move forward. If our current officials recognized that they will eventually need to pass the baton -- preferably before they go on life support -- maybe we’d be lucky enough to see them actually work together and plan wisely for the future.

Term limits don’t mean that an exiting official is barred from further service. A retired council member could provide immense benefit to the school board or a nonprofit board. Hell, if they're so married to sitting on the council, they could run for a different seat or take a term off and come back. A term limit doesn't force retirement -- it forces new leadership and a continuum of growth that our city will desperately need as we move into our next chapter.


  1. Hi Vantucky,
    To be honest, do you really feel that people know you so much that they'd care to bully you about your opinion? A word to the wise, if you're going to write a blog, have the courtesy to put your name on it.
    Ron Barrett

  2. Well, Ron, you say "tomato," I say "Yes. Or else I'd be doing this differently."

    If it's not for you, then so be it. But for now, that's the deal. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Of fer crissakes, the old "You're anonymous, therefore your opinions don't count" line of crap.

    Last I checked, the secret ballot is the ultimate form of anonymous opinion.

    Vantucky: I've added you to my blog roll, good stuff here.